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Geomembrane Welding

Achieve Flawless Waterproofing With Geomembrane Welding

Geomembrane welding is a critical process that creates watertight seams to prevent leakage in lining applications. Proper welding ensures the geomembrane acts as an impermeable barrier for long term durability.

As a leading geomembrane installer in the UAE, we possess extensive expertise in thermal welding processes to create seamless geomembrane liners for water containment projects.

Importance of Geomembrane Welding

Welding is crucial because:

  • Creates continuous impermeable seams and joints
  • Provides superior seam strength compared to glues or tapes
  • Withstands fluctuations, settlements and movements
  • Prevents breakthrough or leakage of contained liquid
  • Allows testing along the seam length for any defects
  • Thermo-welding creates homogenous bond across the weld interface

Types of Geomembrane Welds

Our team undertakes following specialized processes:

Wedge Welding

Two geomembrane sheets are welded together by passing through heated wedge under pressure. Creates strong laps.

Extrusion Welding

Molten polymer from an extruder is applied along the seam and solidifies to bind sheets. Gives smooth seam.

Hot Air Welding

Heated air from a welder gun fuses the overlapping geomembrane edges together.

High Frequency Welding

RF energy heats geomembrane sheets pressed between copper bars to meld them together.

Our Welding Services

We possess advanced equipment and skilled manpower to provide:

  • Site fabrication table for seaming liners
  • Portable welding equipment for field seaming
  • Automated welding machines for factory-level seams
  • QA/QC testing for weld strength and continuity
  • Spark testing to identify flaws and holes in seams
  • Destructive testing on sample welds
  • Repair patches over defective seams
  • Documentation including weld maps and reports

Quality Assurance Protocols

We follow stringent protocols during welding:

  • Clean seam area properly before welding
  • Ensure correct temperature, speed and pressure settings
  • Prevent contamination from moisture, dirt and debris
  • Execute test welds first and check weld parameters
  • Carry out visual inspection along the entire weld length
  • Verify seam integrity through spark testing
  • Perform trial welds and pull tests for strength
  • Execute repairs immediately as per specifications
  • Handle liners carefully to prevent damage
  • Allow proper liner cooling time after welding

Trusted Geomembrane Installation Company

With over 25 years in business, we have installed millions of square meters of geomembrane liners across the Emirates using reliable welding processes. Our QA programs and skilled manpower ensure the highest quality standards for all projects.

Contact our team for all your geomembrane welding needs! We deliver strong, impermeable seams that stand the test of time.

Small Pond Liner

Durable Small Pond Liners for Beautiful Backyard Water Features

Looking to build a small backyard pond or water feature? Choose a quality pond liner designed for small ponds to ensure long term waterproof performance.

As a leading supplier of pond liners, our company provides durable and flexible small pond liners crafted with care to match unique needs.

Why Install Pond Liner in Small Ponds?

Just like large ponds, small ponds also require an impermeable liner to:

  • Prevent loss of water through seepage into ground
  • Maintain water levels by reducing evaporation
  • Protect plants from waterlogging and overflow
  • Allow construction of ponds on any terrain
  • Provide a natural look compared to concrete

Types of Small Pond Liners

We provide different liner materials suitable for small ponds:

Rubber Liners: EPDM rubber offers maximum durability and flexibility for complex pond shapes.

PE Liners: Polyethylene liners provide a cost-effective waterproofing solution.

PVC Liners: PVC has good puncture resistance and available in decorative colors.

Bentonite Liners: Bentonite clay liners are self-sealing but need replacement every few years.

Thinner liner gauges from 0.5mm to 1mm thickness are ideal for small shallow pond designs.

Custom Fabrication of Small Pond Liners

We can fabricate liners for any unique pond shape in your backyard:

  • Precise measurement of pond dimensions
  • Patterns for complex contours and edges
  • Computer aided fabrication of liner shape
  • Prefabricated panels for easy handling
  • Reinforced edges for added protection
  • Selection of liner accessories like pipes, fittings

Professional Installation Services

Our experienced crews ensure correct liner placement:

  • Site preparation and levelling
  • Selection and installation of underlay
  • Gradual liner roll out and placement
  • Careful fitting and shaping at edges
  • Anchoring and securing edges
  • Seam welding for waterproof joints
  • Testing for leaks before water filling
  • Post-installation liner maintenance

Trusted Supplier of Small Pond Liners

With decades of experience, we have installed small pond liners at thousands of villas, gardens, parks and commercial projects across the region. Our technical expertise combined with quality liners makes us the top choice for durable backyard pond construction.

Contact our team for beautiful small pond liners crafted to your vision!

HDPE Pond Liner

HDPE Pond Liners - The Durable and Reliable Lining Solution

HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) offers an ideal geomembrane material for pond lining applications. HDPE pond liners provide long term waterproofing performance owing to their high strength, flexibility, and chemical resistance.

As a renowned supplier of HDPE pond liners in the UAE, we offer durable lining solutions tailored for unique pond design requirements.

Benefits of HDPE Pond Liners

Key advantages of HDPE-based pond liners include:

  • High tensile strength and puncture resistance
  • Withstands exposure to a wide range of chemicals
  • Retains flexibility even in cold temperatures
  • Resists damage from rocks, tree roots and debris
  • Excellent resistance to weathering and UV rays
  • Thermo-fusion welded seams have superior strength
  • Low coefficient of thermal expansion
  • Lightweight and easy to deploy over soil substrate
  • Cost effective compared to other liner materials
  • Provides natural look preferred over concrete ponds

HDPE Pond Liner Grades

Our company supplies different HDPE formulations suitable for ponds:

  • Standard HDPE: For garden ponds and decorative water features
  • UV Stabilized: Withstands long term sun exposure
  • Anti-Static: Prevents static charge build up
  • Reinforced HDPE: For added tear strength and puncture protection

Thicker HDPE grades from 1.5mm to 3mm thickness are recommended for large ponds.

Custom Fabrication of HDPE Liners

We fabricate HDPE pond liners tailored to the exact shape and dimensions of your ponds:

  • Precise measurement of pond area and contours
  • CAD detailing of liner drawings
  • Fabrication of panels and seaming
  • Edge anchoring trenches and slots
  • Reinforced inlets, outlets and accessories
  • Prefabricated panels for easy handling
  • Thermo-welding of all seams on site

Professional Installation Services

Our experienced crews ensure seamless deployment and welding:

  • Site clearing and preparation
  • Grading and compacting substrate
  • Underlay selection and installation
  • Controlled liner roll out
  • Careful shaping and fitting at edges
  • Strong edge anchoring and fastening
  • Seam welding using wedge welding machine
  • Spark testing to detect pinhole leaks
  • Repair patches for minor defects

Reputed HDPE Pond Liner Supplier

With two decades of experience, we have supplied HDPE pond liners for thousands of prestigious projects. We are the trusted pond liner partner for leading contractors, developers, consultants, municipalities and private clients across the UAE.

Contact us for high quality and durable HDPE pond liners! Our technical team provides complete support.

Large Pond Liner

Durable Large Pond Liners for Reliable Water Containment

Constructing a large pond? Choose a high quality pond liner that provides long term waterproofing performance. Large ponds have unique requirements that demand sturdy and durable liners to prevent seepage losses.

As a leading supplier of large pond liners, our company offers customized liner solutions for large scale pond construction across the UAE.

Challenges of Large Pond Lining

Key considerations for large pond liners include:

  • Larger surface area increases seepage losses
  • Deeper water exerts more pressure on liners
  • Difficult to detect and repair small leaks
  • Challenging deployment over larger area
  • Seams have higher risks of failure
  • Prone to more stresses from waves and users
  • Susceptible to greater temperature fluctuations

Material Choice for Large Pond Liners

To overcome these challenges, material selection is crucial for large ponds:

EPDM Liners

EPDM rubber offers the best durability, elasticity and flexible for large ponds. Resists weathering and UV degradation.

LLDPE Liners

LLDPE has higher thickness options to withstand water pressure in deeper ponds.

PVC Liners

PVC provides sufficient performance for many large pond designs if properly installed.

**HDPE Liners **

HDPE is prone to becoming stiff and brittle in very large sizes. Useful for shallow ponds.

Custom Fabrication of Large Pond Liners

Every large pond has unique dimensions. We fabricate tailored large pond liners:

  • Precise measurement of pond area using latest survey techniques
  • Computer aided design (CAD) of panel layouts
  • Fabrication of liner panels to match measurements
  • Edge trimming and seam welding to create single liner
  • Thickness increased in deeper sections for greater strength
  • Prefabricated panels for easier handling
  • Reinforced corners and inlets for added durability

Professional Installation Services

Correct liner deployment is crucial to avoid failures. Our experienced crews ensure flawless installation:

  • Thorough site preparation and compaction
  • Graded underlay material
  • Controlled liner rollout and placement
  • Careful shaping and fitting at edges
  • Strong anchoring and fastening at edges
  • Seam welding using advanced technology
  • Extensive seaming and integrity testing
  • Monitoring and maintenance after filling

Trusted Leader for Large Pond Liners

With over 25 years of experience, we have installed pond liners for thousands of large water bodies across the region. Our expertise in custom fabrication combined and professional installation services make us the most reliable choice for lining large ponds.

Contact our team for your large pond project! We deliver high performance pond liners tailored to your requirements.

Koe Pond Liner

KOE Pond Liners - Premium Quality EPDM Rubber Membranes

KOE pond liners from Anhui Konerding Waterproof Technology Co. Ltd. offer superior quality rubber membranes for long lasting and reliable pond construction. KOE is a globally recognized brand for high performance EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) based pond liners.

As the authorized dealer and installer of KOE pond liners in the UAE, we supply and install KOE membranes for diverse waterproofing applications across the country.

Features of KOE Pond Liners

KOE EPDM rubber liners provide the following exceptional features:

  • High elasticity and flexibility
  • Excellent resistance to aging and weathering
  • Puncture resistance for reliable performance
  • Retains flexibility even in cold temperatures
  • Resists damage from UV rays, ozone and chemicals
  • vulcanized seams remain intact for life
  • Custom fabrication possible for unique ponds
  • Easy to install in any shape and size
  • Long service life exceeding 50 years

Applications of KOE Pond Liners

The durability and performance makes KOE liners ideal for:

  • Natural Swimming Ponds - Safe water quality without chemicals
  • Koi Ponds - Withstands sharp rocks used in koi ponds
  • Garden Ponds - Flexible and natural looking
  • Aquaculture Ponds - For commercial fish and shrimp farms
  • Water Falls - Suitable for cascading and circulating waterfalls
  • Golf Course Hazards - Lining artificial lakes and streams
  • Stormwater Retention Ponds - To store and recycle rainwater runoff

Custom Fabrication of KOE Liners

KOE liners can be fabricated to any unique dimensions and shape as required:

  • Site measurement service to map pond contours
  • CAD design and drawing
  • Custom vulcanization welding to required shape and size
  • Fabrication of single seamless pond liners
  • Edge trimming and anchoring systems
  • Tailor-made thickness for large ponds
  • Pre-fabricated panels for easy handling

Professional Installation Services

We undertake complete liner installation for flawless performance:

  • Site preparation and levelling
  • Underlay selection and deployment
  • Placement and unrolling of liner
  • Shaping and fitting of liner to edge
  • Securing and anchoring of liner edges
  • Seaming to create waterproof joints
  • Testing of all seams before water filling
  • Maintenance to ensure longevity

Leading Supplier in UAE of KOE Liners

With decades of experience in pond construction, we have installed KOE liners at hundreds of prominent projects across the UAE. Our clients include residential complexes, aquaculture farms, hotels and resorts, golf courses, public parks and industrial facilities among others.

Contact us for high quality KOE pond liners backed by professional installation services!

Our Supply And Installation of HDPE Liner, Geomembrane, Pond Liner, Lake Liner In Dubai UAE

Complete Geomembrane and Liner Solutions Across UAE

With the construction boom across the UAE, there is growing demand for durable waterproofing solutions. Geomembranes and synthetic liners provide reliable water containment and environmental protection for critical infrastructure projects.

As the leading geomembrane and liner specialist, our company undertakes complete supply and installation of various lining systems for projects across UAE.

Our Range of Products

We manufacture and install different types of geomembranes and liners:

HDPE Geomembranes

HDPE is the ideal waterproofing membrane for landfills, mining, irrigation canals and other containment.

LLDPE Geomembranes

LLDPE geomembrane has higher puncture resistance for demanding projects.

PVC Geomembranes

PVC liners offer good value for short term temporary applications like dredging.

EPDM Liners

EPDM rubber liners provide exceptional durability and flexibility for ponds and tanks.

Bentonite Liners

Bentonite clay liners are self-sealing but prone to drying and cracking.

Applications Across UAE

Our liners cater to wide applications across the Emirates:


Artificial lakes, aquaculture ponds, water parks, landfills, water retention tanks, swimming pools.

Abu Dhabi

Irrigation canals, reservoirs, sewage lagoons, landfill containment, marina projects.


Landfill liners, waste water treatment, temporary dredging dewatering, artificial ponds.


Water features in parks, commercial fishing ponds, recreational water bodies.

Ras Al Khaimah

Mining applications, irrigation canals, shrimp farming ponds.

Al Ain

Water harvesting ponds, cattle drinking reservoirs, irrigation canals.

Our Installation Services

We undertake turnkey liner installation services across UAE:

  • Site survey and analysis
  • Surface preparation
  • Liner layout and seaming
  • Edge anchoring and protection
  • Accessory integration like inlets and outlets
  • Seam testing for leaks
  • Final testing before handover

Trusted Geomembrane and Liner Specialist

With three decades of experience, we have installed millions of square meters of liners across 1000+ projects in the UAE. We are the reliable partner of choice for leading construction companies, consultants and public sector organizations across all Emirates.

Contact our team for your next lining project! We deliver high quality waterproofing solutions backed by professional installation services.

Lake Liner Suppliers In Dubai UAE

Trusted Lake Liner Suppliers in Dubai for Durable Water Containment

Lining lakes and reservoirs is crucial to prevent water seepage losses and contamination of groundwater. Synthetic liners create an impermeable base to retain water reliably for the long term.

As a reputed lake liner supplier in Dubai, we provide durable and high performance liners customized for the unique needs of different projects across the Emirate.

Why Install Lake Liners?

Lake liners provide the following benefits:

  • Minimize water loss through seepage into ground
  • Prevent contamination of groundwater
  • Allow creation of lakes on any terrain
  • More economical compared to concrete lining
  • Faster installation compared to concrete
  • Provide natural look instead of concrete finish
  • Available in different material grades

Types of Lake Liners

We supply various types of liners suitable for lake containment applications:

HDPE Liners

HDPE is a durable, flexible and chemical resistant geomembrane ideal for lakes.

LLDPE Liners

LLDPE is more puncture resistant and suitable for sites with sharp underlying rock or gravel.

PVC Liners

PVC provides good value for short term lake lining projects.

EPDM Liners

EPDM rubber liners provide maximum durability and longevity.

Bentonite Liners

Bentonite self-seals upon hydration. Prone to cracking once dried.

Our technical experts can recommend the appropriate lake liner based on project requirements.

Custom Lake Liner Fabrication

Every lake has unique dimensions and contours. Our in-house fabrication facility allows customized production of lake liners for perfect fit:

  • Site measurement using advanced survey techniques
  • Computer aided design (CAD) of liner drawings
  • Fabrication of liner panels as per liner design
  • Seaming to create one single seamless liner
  • Quality testing of all seams for leakproof bonding
  • Assistance for liner installation on site

Lake Liner Deployment in Dubai

Our experienced crews undertake professional installation:

  • Site preparation and grading
  • Proper underlay and bedding
  • Placement and unrolling of liner panels
  • Seaming of panels through hot wedge welding
  • Securing and anchoring of liner around the edges
  • Installation of inlets, outlets and accessories
  • Testing of all finished seams and joints
  • Filling of water and monitoring

Trusted Lake Liner Supplier in Dubai

With more than 25 years in business, we have installed liners for hundreds of artificial lakes across Dubai. Our clients include developers, contractors, hotels, golf courses, municipalities and government departments who rely on our technical expertise and quality liners.

Contact our team for your lake lining project! We deliver high standard liners backed by professional installation services.

Geomembrane Welding

Achieve Flawless Waterproofing With Geomembrane Welding Geomembrane welding is a critical process that creates watertight seams to prevent l...